21. sep, 2018

Back home from Dallas

Inspirational trip to Dallas Texas!

After a superintensive period of preparation for the exhibition in Båstad, it was wonderful to jump on the flight to Texas.

I always enjoy being in the United States. There is another culture in terms of art and decoration there.

All hotels have original art in all public spaces and each hotel room. At Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas there are 7000 original signed artwork and all for sale.

Also hotel Joule have a beautiful artwork collection.

I´m so happy to see they use the same material and technique as I do. It is much more common in the United States than here in Sweden.

A visit to the Perot museum can certainly be recommended. Their collection of minerals and crystals is absolutely amazing.

Art is stimulating your sences and makes you happy 🙂 So more art in public areas also in Sweden is a wish from me.